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Thursday, April 4, 2013


I get questioned frequently by patients about fractional laser treatments for acne scars, wrinkles, skin tightening, and scar improvement. Studies in the literature support the combination treatment provided by the Artisan and Icon systems by Palomar Medical.

In split face comparison studies, the combination treatment with the Palomar systems provided for less pain, and erythema when compared to other systems. The Palomar sytem, being an Er:Yag laser ablative system when used in combination with their fractional non-ablative treatment provides for equal correction when compared to CO2 laser systems. All fractional laser systems are not the same.

CO2 lasers treatments can lead to increased risk of scarring, pigmentation changes, longer healing times as well more pain during the procedure. With access to both systems, I found the Palomar system having many more benefits and less risks involved. Standard CO2 systems require systemic anesthesia whereas the the combination treatment is performed in the office under topical novocaine cream and is well tolerated. Healing times of only 4-5 days.

Call the office at 203-899-0000 for more information and to schedule your consult. Patients all over Fairfield County, Connecticut are taking advantage of this great technology.

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

ZO has launched a new product program for hand renewals. Correct, Protect and prevent aging hands
Special launch price of $125.
Included in the promotion are 3 products to make your hands look younger and healthier.
1)Oraser Microderm Hand Renewal
2)Oraser Overnight Hand Recovery
3)Oraser Daily Hand Repair
Call the office for more information 203-899-0000 or go to

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

ZO new products

New products have been added to the ZO skin care line.
-HYDRAFIRM- eye brightening and repair creme to minimize the appearance of multiple signs of aging around the eyes.
-AKNETROL- acne fighting formula to control surface oil, and neutralize bacteria on the skin and prevent further breakouts
-oclipse- sunscreen SPF 50- a natural mineral based sunscreen.
-INVISAPEEL- intensive resurfacing peel
-3 STEP STIMULATION PEEL- a peel that uses multiple important exfoliants to stimulate smoother softer firmer skin
VITASCRUB- a scrub to help remove excess sebum and acne breakouts.

The ZO Skin health products are the fastest skin care line among physician providers in the country. The results have been amazing. A large number of patients have been referring their friends from all over Fairfield County, Connecticut to try this product line. The new products that were added recently continue to add to the base line that has been great. Go to or call the office at 203-899-0000 for more information.

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Just a reminder that the BOTOX SPECIAL requires you to have your first injection this year by april 30th. A total of $325 savings is available over the year 2013. Act now, take advantage of the savings. Patients from all over connecticut have been taking advantage of this savings.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013


TOP DOC CT MAGAZINE- has released its annual top docs information and Dr. Rick Rosen was selected again, 3 years in a row. This based on recommendations of his peers. The practice located in norwalk also has been awarded Best of Norwalk, and Best Plastic Surgeon by Research Council Of America for a number of years.

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Reports are surfacing at an increasing rate of complications with botox and filler injections performed in "spas" and with physicians and other medical personal not properly trained and experienced with the products. A 40% increase was found in the British literature. Reported recently by Katie Couric on her show, of the increasing numbers of complications with surgical procedures and non surgical procedures. "Do your homework" was the recommendation. Strongly advise doing your research to look for board certified plastic surgeons who are specifically trained and experienced. Patients in Connecticut and around the country are exposing an increased risk if they don't do their homework.

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SURGISIL- permanent lip augmentation technique provides wonderful results for women of Fairfield County and Connecticut. Women who want a more longer lasting correction of their lip augmentation can now finally have it. Natural soft lips and without the need for repeat injections of filler products every 6-12 months. Go to for more information. Call the office today to find out more. 203-899-0000.

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